Han Shan

Han Shan (meint Blofeld)
habe die Frauen
bisweilen geliebt
und manchmal gehasst
wen überrascht das?
ist nicht die Liebe
halb bittere Lust
und halb süße Last?


„As to beautiful women, he [Han Shan K.B.] sometimes speaks of them with a bitterness that ill accords with Buddhist compassion, besides coming strangely from the brush of a poet who, in other poems, reveals a lingering fondness for – to use a Chinese expression – „joys behind hibiscus curtains.“ But his frankness about his own weaknesses points to a virtue higly prized by Buddhists, that of total indifference to praise and blame; it also points to his having achieved a state at which all serious Taoists aim, that of tzu-jan [zìrán 自然 K.B.] – complete spontaneity.“ (Blofeld, John: Introduction. In: Han Shan, fl. 730-850. The collected songs of Cold Mountain / translated by Red Pine. Port Townsend, Washington 2000. 24)