Das Spitzenhöschen

ein Beitrag zur Nachhaltigkeitsdiskussion

die Susi hat es
bei mir vergessen
Sabine hat es
rasch durchgespült
es angezogen
und sich dann Jahre
in Susis Seide
sauwohl gefühlt


Ein Glücksfall. Dass die Sache auch weniger glimpflich hätte ausgehen können, zeigt der folgende Dialog zwischen den beiden in Wohngemeinschaft lebenden jungen Ärztinnen Angela und Caroline aus der britischen Fernsehserie „Green Wing“ (2004-2006):

Angela: Erm, in private, if that’s OK?
Caroline: Er, yep.
Angela: Maybe I should have waited. It’s just that it’s been bugging me and getting me annoyed, and I don’t want to get all stressed out and angry cos it makes me look ugly.
Caroline: What is it? Have I upset you?
Angela: Are you wearing my pants?
Caroline: What?
Angela: My white tanga briefs. They’re plain cotton, not sexies, but they’re my cute sportsies.
Caroline: No, I haven’t got them.
Angela: Ah, because I think you have. I put them in the drier, but they were gone today when I came to iron them.
Caroline: You iron your pants?
Angela: Of course. So if you could return them, I’ll say no more about it.
Caroline: But I haven’t taken them.
Angela: You’re wearing them now, aren’t you? Caroline, you let your dirty washing stack up, you were desperate for a fresh pair. I understand, but it’s the principle, you see. It’s theft. I will not wear them after your vagina has been in them – I’ll burn them – but I want what is legally mine.
Caroline: Shut up!
Angela: What?
Caroline: I haven’t taken your pants, I wouldn’t want to. Stop being so anal.
Angela: Give me back my pants.
Caroline: Don’t make me get cross.
Angela: You see, you’ve obviously got something to hide. Give me back my pants.
Caroline: Yes, I have died and gone to heaven. (…)