“Water Stains on the Wall”
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Taibei
Hannover, 4. April 2015

todernster Kampfsport
schwarzweißer Marmor
und Tempelglöckchen
ich lobe mir da
ein wenig Humor
beschwingte Musik
und kurze Röckchen

[…] I start by saying that it left me cold throughout its almost 75 minutes. […] Differences of gender are played down: there is no partnering, no touch (though there are male-female duets), and any distinctions between male and female dance style are subtle. […] “Water Stains on the Wall,” devoid of lightness or humor, keeps celebrating the skill of its own style, like a film actor whose performance tells you he is determined to win the Oscar this time. (Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times, 13.10.2011)